Training 4 Reigning – New Christian Discipleship Curriculum

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training 4 reigning logoScripture makes it very clear.

Jesus came to restore mankind back to our original position with God the Father. He restored us back into right standing with Him as well.

Sadly, many of us are not living the life Jesus died for us.

We go to church Sunday after Sunday. We may even give tithes, serve in the local church, pray and read our bible.

But there’s no real victory. No real purpose. No healing. No deliverance. No passion.

Many of us start out doing what’s right but end up backsliding.

Instead of talking about the problem, God has given me what I believe is the solution to this problem, Training 4 Reigning.

To find out what it is, just click the play button below.

If this is for you, you can go ahead and register here for FREE.

I’d like to welcome you to Training 4 Reigning!

Would love to hear your thoughts below too :-).


P.S. If you enrolled into the curriculum, make sure to join our Training 4 Reigning Facebook group here.

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